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News from Berlin

A Lecture by Pierre M. Kerby Lacarriere, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Haiti to Germany

March 06th, 2013

Pierre M. Kerby Lacarriere

Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Haiti to Germany


News from Berlin. Mr. Pierre M. Kerby Lacarriere obtained a Bachelor’s degree in history in Haiti. He later went on to obtain a Master’s in law and political science at the same college. Mr. Pierre M. Kerby Lacarriere is currently writing his thesis for a Doctorate in law in Lyon. He is a diplomat and has served for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Haiti for almost 28 years. He was posted in France for four years where he also worked in the department for foreign relations for UNESCO. He is currently holding the position of Deputy Head of Mission in the Berlin Embassy of Haiti.

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News from Berlin.

“Haiti: Towards a Sustainable Tourism”

A Lecture by Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Haiti to Germany, Pierre M. Kerby Lacarriere

The Berlin International Economics Congress 2013

(Berlin; March 6th – 10th, 2013)

“What do we understand when we say eco-tourism? It’s a tourism which is obviously not like the usual one. Firstly, when we picture tourism in developing countries we see images of the hotels, shores, the dancing, fruits and exotic places. Once we speak about eco-tourism we should comprehend it differently: in eco-tourism a visitor is being included in daily life of the people of host country. And since we talk about Haiti and Haitians and their daily life, this means that the visitor doesn’t live in a hotel, but he visits the family of the host country. There are many advantages both for tourists and Haitians to benefit from. It allows the visitor to understand the realities of the country. In that way we talk about not only the attraction tourism, but also utilitarian tourism. In that sense, tourists have an opportunity to make as many excursions as possible and visit as many places as possible.”