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A Lecture by H.E. Amb. Imomudin Sattarow, Ambassador of Tajikistan to Germany

March 09th, 2013

H.E. Amb. Imomudin Sattarow

Ambassador of Tajikistan to Germany


News from Berlin. Ambassador Sattarow gained his PhD in philosophy from the Institute of Socio-Political Theories at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1992. He then spent a year working as an assistant in the Department of Political Science at Tajik State University. After receiving his doctorate, Ambassador Sattarow became the head of the Department of Economics for the newspaper “Moskovskie Novosti”, a position he held a year before beginning his role at the Tajik embassy. From 2003 until 2007, Ambassador Sattarow held the position of Deputy Chief of Orien Bank, serving as the head of the European Representative Office in Frankfurt am Main. He delivered his speech in German.

His colleague Lochin Nusratulloevich Fayzullaev (Vice Chairman in charge of Tourism, Committee of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism under the Government of Tajikistan) studied economics and law at the State University of Dushanbe. He later obtained a Master’s Degree in anti-crisis management in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Mr. Fayzullaev joined the civil service of the government of Tajikistan in 1998. He served in the administration department and had the opportunity to travel over 20 countries to promote tourism of Tajikistan. Over the span of 5 years he managed to obtain 15 intergovernmental agreements on cooperation in the field of tourism. In 2007 Mr. Fayzullaev was posted as an official representative of WTO in Geneva for one year. He has been holding his current position as Vice Minister of Tourism of Tajikistan since 2008.

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News from Berlin

“Nation Brand Tajikistan”

A Lecture by Ambassador of Tajikistan to Germany, H.E. Amb. Imomudin Sattarow

“To develop tourism in Tajikistan means to diversify the economy of our country, to develop one of the main economic sectors of the country, to generate the additional income to state, district and rural areas.  In Tajikistan more than 50% of population is living in rural areas, 93% of our total territory is coloured by mountains and 22% of our territory announced as a national protected zones. There are few examples that are worth considering. If in the capital cities a 100 Euro per day isn’t a big amount, for rural areas even earning 50 Euro per day could be a challenge. That’s why we pay significant attention to develop tourism in rural areas, especially in eco-tourism.”