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A Lecture by H.E. Amb. Emmanuel Nahshon, Minister of the Embassy of Israel in Berlin

December 28th, 2012

H.E. Amb. Emmanuel Nahshon

Minister of the Embassy of Israel in Berlin


News from Berlin. In 1992 Emmanuel Nahshon began his professional career when he joined the Diplomatic Service in Jerusalem. Between 1994 and1996 he became the junior Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Caracas in Venezuela. Then he worked for the Western European Department of the Israeli government as a consultant between. During 2000 until 2002 he served as Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and between 2002 and 2006 he began his diplomatic mission in the Israeli Embassy as a Minister in Ankara. Since 2009 he has worked as a Minister of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin.

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News from Berlin

A Lecture by H.E. Amb. Emmanuel Nahshon (Minister of the Embassy of Israel in Berlin)

The Honourable Ambassador Emmanuel Nahshon evaluates the evolution of the relationship between Germany and Israel on various issues:

“In the beginning of the 50s, in 1952 we reached an agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany that the West Germany today, regarding compensations and reparations for varieties of aspects such as personal matters, property damages. And this was the basis on which we started a dialogue between our two countries. In the beginning it was only about reparations and Germany understood, accepted and acknowledged its responsibility for what happened during the Second World War and it was limited to that issue.”