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A Lecture by H.E. Amb. Abdul Basit, Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany

March 09th, 2013

H.E. Amb. Abdul Basit

Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany

News from BerlinBorn on April 10, 1958, His Excellency Mr. Abdul Basit holds Master’s Degree in International Relations. Joined Foreign Service of Pakistan in October, 1982.

Abdul Basit joined the foreign service of Pakistan in 1982 and has worked in a variety of roles within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This included being a section officer (1988-1991), director (1998-2000), director-general and a foreign office spokesman (2008-2009). Abdul Basit has also had a several diplomatic assignments in Pakistani missions abroad having served in Moscow, New York, Geneva and London. He has been ambassador to Germany since May 2012.

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News from Berlin

A Keynote Speech by H.E. Amb. Abdul Basit, Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany

Pakistani Cultural Evening – The Berlin International Economics Congress 2013

(Berlin; March 6th – 10th, 2013)

“Pakistan is a young country as you know. It is 66 years old, but it is a cradle for one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Pakistan is a rich country in terms of the human capital, in terms of natural beauty and particularly it is one of the most splendid of all natural beauties in the world. It’s a country full of opportunities, possibilities and attractions. It is a country growing in many different directions but it is struggling in its region environment. However, despite all these regional challenges Pakistan is developing. Tourism is one area that develops not that fast but in the same time it has enormous potential. I hope that foreign tourists will be interested in this area and see themselves how can they help Pakistan.”