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A Lecture by Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, Fernando Urena Rib

August 16th, 2013

Fernando Ureña Rib

Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic

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News from Berlin. Fernando Urena Rin behan his art training at the age of twelve, studies which culminated with a degree and a designation as Professor of Drawing from the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo. During his post graduate work he studied alongside Jaimi Colson, a reqonized master of Dominican Painting. During the 1970′s Mr Rin traveled extensively throughout Europe and North Africa, these travels gave Mr Rin a more comprehensive understanding of fine arts as a cultural expression. in 1977, the State Department of the United States invited Mr Rin to acquaint himself with major museums, universities and art schools of the US.

Upon Returning to the Dominican Republic he was named as Director of the Art Department of APEC University in 1978 and three years on was appointed Public Relations Director of the National Museum of Modern Art. Fernando Urena Rib’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the world in Cities such as Madrid, New York, Quebec and Amsterdam. Alongside his other work, Mr Rib currently serves as Cultural attache for the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

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News from Berlin

 ”Historical and Cultural Attractions in the Dominican Republic”

A Lecture by Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, Fernando Urena Rib