A Good Movement Towards Growth in the Kazakh Electronic Music

The Kazakh DJ and electronic music promoter Nazira Kassenova played on 25th of May, at Berghain

May 28th, 2019
Margareta Calugher, News from Berlin
20190528_A Good Movement.jpg

On the evening of 25th of May, Nazira performed at Berghain Klubnacht amongst other techno artists such as Amotik, CJ Bolland, Boris, Marcel Dettmann, Electric Indigo, Terence Fixmer, Phase Fatale and Kangding Ray.

Berghain is recognized in Berlin as a cultural institution similar to museums and galleries due to its contribution to the city’s techno music culture. In 2009, it was named the “best night club in Berlin” by the DJmag.

After her Berlin performance, Nazira is scheduled to play at Het Magazijn in The Hague and De School in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Dare to Swing in Wales, United Kingdom and Badaboum in Paris, France.

Nazira is not only DJ but also a promoter of Kazakh electronic music as part of the ZVUK party series. Being asked about the state of her country’s electronic music she said that there has been a shift in the Kazakh electronic music scene comparing with the time when she began, as now there are two clubs where cool electronic music plays and it brings cool musicians to Kazakhstan. According to her, it’s important that more musicians and promoters with a clear vision emerge.

We promote experimental dance music and invite artists with a complex sound that can be difficult to comprehend. Soon, we are to host an artist from Berlin and we have a lot of plans for promoting this music. We see a good movement towards growth” she added.


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