A Football Tournament in Berlin to Celebrate the Kyrgyz Diaspora

Activists of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Berlin and the Kyrgyz Embassy organized a football tournament to commemorate this crucial occurrence for the Kyrgyz people

February 18th, 2023
Biagio Drago, News from Berlin
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Diaspora is a tough topic for the history of many people and countries, Kyrgyzstan is one of them. This year the activists of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Berlin and the Kyrgyz Embassy decided to commemorate this event with a football tournament set up in Berlin on February 18th.

Sport is an activity which unites people, creates a sense of community and overcome barriers and these concepts have been understood from the activists of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Berlin. One day of sport, football in particular, one day of joy to remember the past with a positive look towards the future.

This event was the first football tournament arranged for this celebration and the official name is “Yntymak football tournament” played by various representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora. Players from not only Berlin but from all over Germany and Czech Republic. A large group of people who share the same values, principles and first of all, a common memory.

The protagonists of the friendly competition, as said, were a great group of people, divided into 11 teams  consisting of representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Germany and Czech Republic, including a unique team composed by employees of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Germany.

The event has been introduced by the Amb. Omurbek Tekebaev: Kyrgyz Republic Ambassador  in the Federal Republic of Germany. He emphasized the importance of the memory for young people, in order to build a solid culture, values and sense of belonging for the next generations. It was an occasion to create a network among the several Kyrgyz communities and to show through football the Kyrgyz culture, also to people who are not Kyrgyz: in fact the event was open to the general public and offered free entry.

Another undisputed protagonist was the Kyrgyz cuisine, an important trait of Country, as a vehicle for strengthen a sense of unity between the participants and the guests.


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