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A Dance Theatre Dialogue, “Face to Face”, at the Indian Embassy in Berlin

The Jyotsna Shourie Dance Theatre brought religion and mythology to the Indian Embassy

October 24th, 2016
Laura Pelone, News from Berlin
On 13th of October 2016 the Indian Embassy hosted the event, “FACE TO FACE”, which was an unusual theatrical dance presentation based upon the life of two iconic women from Indian mythology, Sita and Draupadi. Sita is the heroine of the Ramayana, whose liberation and return to Ayodhya with Lord Rama marks the Festival of Diwali. This event intended to symbolize the journey from darkness to light.

The performance showcased conversations between Sita and Draupadi and explore the relationship between the two of the most powerful women in Hindu Mythology.

The women reflected on the meaning of loyalty, dharma, and how they are molded by the expectations of the times they live in. The narrative highlighted the often traumatic lives of these extraordinary women and despite the fact that they live in diferrent eras, placed them on the same stage, where they had the opportunity to share their story “face to face”.

The Indian Embassy hosted a Bharatanatyam Dance theatre performance by the Jyotsna Shourie Dance Theatre. Jyotsna Shourie is a dancer, choreographer and curator of arts, and in 1990 she founded the Jyotsna Shourie Dance Society. Her dance company provides a contemporary approach and rich vitality to the art of Bharatanatyam, and she tries to combine creative excellence with a global vision to increase the frontiers of classical dance.

During the month of October Jyotsna and her troupe of four professional dancers are touring through Europe, presenting the “ FACE TO FACE” exibition.

Jyotsna has had the chance to perform not only throughout India, but also in different countries abroad, such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, where she has acted as a cultural ambassador in spreading the understanding and appreciation of dance.

She has also conceptualized and choreographed innovative dance dramas, both contemporary and traditional, which have been well received in India.


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