A Concert to Celebrate Georgia’s Independence

The Embassy of Georgia hosted a Piano Concert to Remember and Commemorate Georgia's Independence on March 31st

March 31st, 2023
Biagio Drago, News from Berlin
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Music is one of the most powerful ways to encourage integration and, in general, one of the most common ways to commemorate important days. In fact, the Georgia Embassy decided to celebrate Georgia’s independence with a piano music event.

March 31st is not a normal day for Georgian people and the Embassy in Berlin decided to organize a musical evening in honor of the referendum that restored Georgia’s independence in 1991. An occasion to remember how important freedom is and getting to know better Georgian culture.

The guest who played the piano, Demetre Gamsakhurdia, is a professional musician, one of the most important in the Georgian music panorama. He accepted the invitation as a Georgian and as a promoter of the culture of his country. His music embodies Georgian traditions and art, representing the value of independence and freedom, through a composition of piano and electronics entitled “Mikareba”.

Amb. Levan Izoria introduced the evening with a welcome speech highlighting the importance of the Referendum and introducing the young composer to the public and wished him a great career in the future. Afterwards was Gamsakhurdia himself to empathize with a speech the importance of this day for Georgia as a democratic nation and for Georgian as a free people after that day.

The audience was composed of representatives of the diaspora, academic and cultural circles and at the end of the Embassy offered typical Georgian dishes and wine.


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