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A Classical Indian Dance Performance will take place at the Indian Embassy

On the 23rd of July a Bharatanatyam Performance Will Be Held at the Indian Embassy.

July 10th, 2015
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This is an event that will showcase traditional Indian culture in an exciting and colourful way. The event will be held in the Indian embassy and is open to the public.

Bharatanatyam is an ancient dance from the South of India, originally performed by the Devadasis in temples it is now an internationally recognised Indian dance form, practiced and taught worldwide. There are many different styles of this dance, with the performer, Aranyani Bhargav, presenting the style of “Kalakshetra” which was developed at her institute. She focuses on the linearity and geometry of her body as well as the mythological narratives through the use of hand gestures and facial expressions.

Aranyani has been dancing since the age of five and was trained by one of India’s most celebrated Bharatanatyam performers, Leela Samson, and was a proficient solo artist by the time she was sixteen making her solo debut in 2001. Since then she has travelled across India and the World in groups and as a solo performer. She has developed her own unique approach to Bharatanatyam, focusing equally on the divine and human, the religious and secular and the tradition and modernity of the dance. This has lead her to study different types of dance ranging from Ballet and Kalaripayattu to Contemporary Dance and even Pilates and Yoga. She is also a member of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and of the international Dance Council, CID-UNESCO which is testament to the quality and skill involved in her work as well as her knowledge of traditional dance forms such as this.

This evening promises to be an enjoyable evening where Indian culture and traditions will be presented for all to see, leading to a greater understanding of this culture and its inhabitants.


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