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A Chilean Program for Entrepreneurs from all over the World

September 16th, 2014

News from Berlin - The Government of Chile has just launched the 12th edition of the Start-Up Chile program. This program seeks to connect entrepreneurs from different countries and bring them to Chile. Applicants have until the end of September to upload their ideas to the web page. The Embassy of Chile strongly encourages applicants from Germany to take part in this initiative.

According to the information provided by the Chilean government, the program targets early-stage, high potential entrepreneurs from all over the world. The aim of the project is to transform Chile into the “leading innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Latin America”. In less than four years the program has received 13,000 applicants from 100 countries, of whom, 900 people from 75 different countries were selected. The participants will live in Chile for at least six months under a one-year working visa, and will be provided with $35,000 for their project .

The website of the Embassy states that this is the biggest entrepreneurial community in the world set to keep go on growing. The projects received by Start-Up Chile will be examined by experts, investors and other entrepreneurs, as well as the Subcommittee of Entrepreneurship of the Chilean Economic Development Agency. Moreover, during the process, Start-Up Chile will develop meetings in different cities in the Latin American country and in other parts of the world to disseminate information regarding the application. The program expects beneficiaries to be involved in the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

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