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6th Louis Lewandowski Festival 2016

The Louis Lewandowski Festival will take place in Berlin and Potsdam from 15th to 18th December

November 25th, 2016
Dmitra Giannou, News from Berlin

Louis Lewandowski was a half-Jewish half-German composer of synagogue music, who lived in Berlin for many years. Louis Lewandowski retooled the Jewish liturgy, by synthesizing brand new harmonies to escort religious ceremonies. The Jewish synagoge music has become famous around the world through Lewandowski’s compositions. This year’s theme from the Louis Lewandowski Festival is the ''Jewish Renaissance and Baroque in Synagogue Music''.

During the festival, influential Jewish composers, such as Italian-Jewish composer, Salamone Rossi, as well as Carlo Grossi, Lodovico Saladin, Giuseppe Vita and Christiano Giuseppe Lidarti, will be honoured. These strong personalities, through their compositions and para-liturgical celebrations, paved the way for one of the most innovative composers of the 19th century, Louis Lewandowski.

Choirs from the entire world support the Synagogal Covey. Choirs from Basel, Leipzig, Johannesburg and Berlin will participate in this noteworthy celebration. The choirs will perform compositions of Lewandowski and other Jewish composers.

The concerts will take place in several places, from synagogues to churches, and a number of other venues in Berlin. On Thursday 15th December the Opening Festival Ceremony will be held at Synagogue Pestalozzistrasse in Charlottenburg, Berlin. The Grand Final Concert will take place on Sunday 18th December in Synagogue Rykestrasse in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

The Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Synagogal Ensemble in Berlin organizes the Louis Lewandowski Festival in Berlin. The Synagogal Ensemble in Berlin is the only and one ensemble in the whole world performing Lewandowski's liturgy every Friday evening, on Shabbat morning and on Jewish Holidays.

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