65th Anniversary of the “Icebreaking Mission” in Chine-Britain Trade

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has sent a congratulatory message at an event commemorating the anniversary of the trade deal, hosted by Britain’s 48 Group Club

February 12th, 2019
Eleanor Banks, News from Berlin
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Li’s message referred to the past 60 years of active promotion of trade and cultural exchange between China and Great Britain, which has enabled China to reform and open-up, as well as promote bilateral win-win cooperation.

The 1953 ‘Icebreaker Mission’ was precursor to the 1954 trade mission with 48 businessmen from British companies, which later became known as The 48 Group – The ‘Icebreakers’ and whose original initiatives have become a long time part of British-Chinese history. Over the years, the group grew to be the most respected name in China-Britain trade, with its name well-known in China. The group provided support and consultancy services to British companies entering China’s markets. Today, the group is continuing to develop this work and believe they have a fundamental responsibility to improve the cultural shortfall between China and the world.

In his message, Li commended the 48 Group Club and said that their hard work over the past 60 years has shown Britain’s willingness to develop friendly cooperation with China and proved the overwhelming nature of the developing drive of human society towards a more open and inclusive future.

The Chinese government speaks highly of the work done by the 48 Group Club regarding the promotion of the China-Britain friendship and Li hopes the spirit of the group will be passed on and will continue to make great contributions to the ever-deepening friendship between China and Great Britain.

Li concluded that China is very much willing to continue cooperating with Britain in this way, in order to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation, to jointly safeguard multilateralism and free trade, and to promote the further development of an open and inclusive society.


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