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48 Stunden Neukölln – 48 Hours Neukölln

June 19th, 2014

News from Berlin - On the June 27th-29th, 2014 there will be an art festival called ‘’48 Hours Neukölln’’ which will take place in the various locations primarily in the North of Neukölln and nearby. The event is in the locality of the same name which the neighborhood of Berlin holds and due to the fact that it is a 3 day event which will last 48 hours this is where the name of the art festival came from. Within those 48 hours there will be around 300 cultural institutions and societies which will display the diversity of the artistic potential of Neukölln’s world.

In that area, there are people from more than 160 nations carrying different backgrounds, beliefs, world values and religions which will come together live in this unique district for the period of the event. Due to such diversity which is present in the area, sometimes it may be difficult to create a positive social joint which leads to tensions. However, it makes this part of the city an exciting place to live in.

In order to show the big potential of the district Neukölln, all the artists, organizations and groups which are based in the area are going to participate in this event. There will be performances, art exhibitions and other events which will prove the originality of this district.

The event is open for everyone and even the visitors are allowed in many of the festival events to participate and show their creativity.

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