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360° View over Berlin City

Since its construction in 1969, the Berlin TV tower has steadily becoming one of Berlin’s most popular attractions

February 04th, 2015
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From up to 207 meters above the ground every day hundreds of visitors to Berlin can experience the amazing views that the tower has to offer. Within sight are some of the most famous tourist destinations in the city: the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Main Railway Station and many more. During the years, the tower has become a symbol of Berlin as a united city.

Planned as a TV signals transmission tower, today the Berliner Fernsehturm is often used as a representative sight not only for Berlin, but for the whole country. The initial intentions were for the tower to ingrain respect towards the socialist party system. Opposite to that, nowadays the tower stands for a united Germany.

Visitors are welcomed not only by the view, but by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere provided by the Bar 203 and restaurant. Both the bar and restaurant are ideal for a lazy sunny afternoon. Not only is excellent food served, but visitors will be given a sightseeing tour of Berlin.

On special occasions and on many Sundays thematic breakfasts are organized. Upcoming is the Sunday Breakfast, which offer selected delicacies, cocktails exclusively made for the occasion and live piano music. Later this month the Valentine’s Day Breakfast awaits all who are in love for a memorable experience over the rooftops of Berlin.

The architectural features of the building also attract interest. Everyone who enters is quickly recalling the 60s. One can easily notice the enthusiasm for technological improvements and the search for space. As a whole the tower resembles a space rocket.

Opening hours are every day and vary according to the season. From November until February you can visit the tower from 10a.m. to midnight. From March to October – from 9a.m. to midnight. It is advisable for visitors to make reservations in advance.

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