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15-Year Anniversary for Nordic Embassies Berlin

October 14th, 2014
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News from Berlin – On October 20th 1999, the Nordic Embassies in Berlin were founded. The opening of this building was significant in bringing together Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden for their diplomatic missions in Germany. The idea of having the embassies united in one location represents the strong social and political ties between these countries and their willingness to create a strong bond with Germany. October 2014 will mark the 15th anniversary of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

The Nordic Embassies are united in an impressive architectural ensemble. In 1995 two architectural competitions were organized: one for the overall Nordic Embassies concept and one to convey a single message in each building. More than 200 designs were submitted and Berger and Parkkinen were successful in their application. The building work started in May 1997 and the construction was completed on September 1st 1999.

A 230 meters long and 15 meters high green copper tape surrounds the buildings and is a trademark of the Austrian-Finnish architect Berger and Parkkinen. The copper strip is crossed with geometric lines and the edges of these lines form the space and streets between the individual embassies.

The Nordic Embassies consists of six buildings. Whilst five of these buildings are the embassies of the Nordic countries, the sixth building is the Felleshus (Community House), a Nordic cultural center.

The architecture of the Felleshus is even more impressive, with maple wood, bright Swedish marble and glass walls creating a homely and welcoming effect. The Felleshus has brought together individuals from the Nordic countries, Germany and many internationals to appreciate a variety of events in the auditorium. The Felleshus regularly holds concerts, readings, film screenings and conferences, bringing together experts and artists from the Nordic countries with their counterparts in Berlin. The Felleshus has served as a location for cultural exchange and understanding.

Current exhibitions and events at the Felleshus include ‘ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival’ on October 16th, ‘The Culture of European Cultural Institutes in Berlin’ on October 17th, and ‘Pushing Reality’s’, an Icelandic photography exhibition on October 17th.

Berlin is very happy to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Nordic Embassies. The beautiful and impressive architecture is a joy to all who pass by and the Felleshus has been successful in bringing together Nordic and German culture.

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