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12th Turkish Film Festival

October 20th, 2014

News from Berlin - Turkish Film Week arrives for the 12th time in Berlin. Spectators will have the chance to enjoy contemporary Turkish cinema from October 23rd to November 1st 2014. This Film Week celebrates the 25th Anniversary of relations between Istanbul and Berlin.

The main aim of this Festival is to enable the Berlin public to get an insight into Turkish cinema through documentaries, feature films, films of stage performances, thrillers, political cinema, dramas and comedies. Spectators will therefore have a variety of genres to choose from. This year the principal theme is youth violence, therefore films like "Kanunsuzlar" will be screened (a film where 3 siblings start illegal activities with the help of state officials).

This year is also the 100th year anniversary of Turkish Cinematographic as a genre, therefore there will be an exhibition called "100 film posters and photographers", which will be open for the general public until October 29th. Other conferences will also be held, which will have Turkish cinema as the main theme.

Although German-Turkish relations are more alive than ever (more than 3 million Turkish people live in Germany and around 4 million German people visit Turkey), and although the Turkish cinematographic industry is increasing in its importance, this genre remains unknown to German citizens.

This event, which is going to take place in different locations (UCI KINOWELT Colosseum Berlin, Botschaft der Republik Türkei and Türkisches Haus), is therefore a good opportunity to discover Turkish international cinema; described as exotic and different to typical Hollywood films.

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