100th Anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis (1919)

A Historical Turning Point in the Baltic War of Independence

June 17th, 2019
Ronja Birk, News from Berlin
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On Tuesday, June 18, the Embassy of Estonia in Berlin invites you all to a themed evening related to the decisive Battle of Wended/Cesis in the Estonian War of Independence.

In the evening of June 23, fires are sparked across Estonia and the Estonian people gather to celebrate the biggest folk festival of the year: the Saint John’s Eve. Yet, since 1930, Estonia also celebrated its Victory Day on June 23, in commemoration of the greatest battle in the Estonian War of Independence.

On June 23, 1919, the Battle of Wenden took place in Latvia. In an Iron Division, the Estonian army was attacked by the German-Baltic Landeswehr and the pro-German forces. Yet, the Estonian forces managed a successful counter-attack resulting in the capture of Cesis. As a result, the German units began to retreat toward Riga, making it a decisive victory for Estonia.

The themed evening invites you to learn more about the actual backgrounds of the Victory Day. Historians from Germany and Estonia will discuss the historical backgrounds of the battle, its course, and its significance in the German and Baltic history. The event will also provide space for a public discussion and ends with an open buffet.

The event starts at 6:00pm in the Estonian Embassy in Berlin (Hildebrandstr. 5, 10785 Berlin). Please send an email to to confirm your participation.

Date: Tuesday, 18th June 2019, at 6:00pm
Location: Estonian Embassy, Hildebrandstr. 5, 10785 Berlin


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