Writing Pictures: Picture Writing, Chinese Book and Poster Design Today

Kunstbibliothek opens its doors to people keen on design and on Chinese writing with a charming exhibition about design

May 10th, 2017
Laura Puddu, Berlin Global
20170510 Writing Pictures.jpg

From 3rd March to 28th May, Kunstbibliothek is hosting a collection that includes over 150 posters and books from around 50 designers from across China.

A perfect choice to coordinate learning and relaxation is certainly an art exhibition. If you come to the Kunstbibliothek before the end of May, you will have the pleasure of immersing yourself in and admiring the Chinese world, thanks to the exhibition: “Writing Pictures – Picture Writing. Chinese Poster and Book Design Today”. Because of its huge variety of books and posters from around 50 designers from across China, it could represent the opportunity to get to know more information about the graphic design scene in China and Hong Kong. Even though an accurate knowledge of Chinese ideograms would be useful to give a better interpretation of the posters, it is also bracing to get acquainted with them simply through abstract personal interpretation.

Nowadays globalization has begun to fundamentally deepen our knowledge about cultures from all parts of the world. Indeed, the aim of the exhibition is certainly to allow China and its culture be better understood in Europe. It actually shows the several ways to use Chinese ideograms to express a concept.

In addition to this, some posters represent the great opportunity to achieve goals of cultural diplomacy by displaying the Chinese scene of graphic design, a hugely popular art form in Berlin. They essentially promote Chinese culture and its national branding, as it is possible to see by the Chinese pots drawn in two posters. In this interesting case, pots contain a faint outline of a famous mountain chain, in order to recall two distinguishable elements of Chinese identity abroad. At the same time, the exhibition shows also how Chinese graphic design has been used for books. In this context, it is possible to admire a book that it has been concentrated upon the topic of water, by dyeing techniques of pages. The principal purpose of this work was to try to depict wave motion, since water has an important meaning in Chinese values.

In conclusion, this exhibition is definitely an occasion. On one hand, for the experts in the field of Chinese graphic design it could be the precious occasion to examine in depth a varied collection. On the other hand, for the beginners, it will surely be the biggest opportunity to find out about this topic.


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