Turkish Elections in Berlin

Erdogan Gains Absolute Power

June 25th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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Berlin’s Turkish community cast ballots ahead of June 24 elections in Turkey.

Over 3 million Turkish expatriates are expected to vote in Turkey's upcoming elections in 60 countries between June 7 and 24. The foreign vote represents nearly 5 percent of the total and could change the final result if it turns out to be close run.

Turkish nationals abroad were able to vote for the first time in the August 10, 2014 presidential election and the turnout was around 8 percent for the foreign vote. Before 2014, Turkish citizens who live abroad could vote only at the customs.
Turkish voters will use the 13 polling stations in Germany to cast their vote. In Berlin, people will be able to vote in the consulate. Voters were able to make their voice heard from the 7th until the 19th of June.

Before the elections, it appeared likely that many of 1.4 million eligible Turks living in Germany would vote for Erdogan and his AKP in the coming days — at least based on voting patterns in recent elections. In last year's constitutional referendum, almost two thirds of German Turks supported the president's plan to change the constitution and introduce a presidential system.

The elections took place the 24th of June in Turkey and after the recount of all of the votes it appeared that Erdogan was a clear winner with 52% of the votes. President Erdogan will assume major new powers under Turkey's new constitution. The changes were endorsed in a tight referendum last year by 51% of voters and are due to come into force after the election.

Some of these changes include: directly appointing top public officials, including ministers and vice-presidents, the power to intervene in the country's legal system and the power to impose a state of emergency.

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