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PEF Food Conference 2014: Promoting the Environmental Footprint Initiative by the European Commission

May 09th, 2014
Conference on Environmental Footprinting in the Food Sector.jpg

News from Berlin – On the 6th and 7th of May the Product Environmental Footprint Forum hosted the PEF Conference on Environmental Footprinting in the food & beverage sector. This year’s event focused on the promotion of the Environmental Footprint Initiative led by the European Commission which aims to foster the diffusion of green-related projects and products within the borders of the European Union.

The conference has been established in the last years as a platform where experts from the food, drink and packaging sectors meet and brainstorm about new ways of implementing sustainable production and consumption processes and patterns in the food chain.

This year’s edition has highlighted the presentation of selected EU Environmental Footprint Pilot Projects for the product categories of food, feed, beverages and other related products such as for instance fertilizers, food packaging or catering services.

Thus, the Conference featured speeches within its PEF Food Conference section from relevant business leaders, managers and officials from the food sector and public and Non-Governmental organizations such as Paul Brujin (from Heineken), Philippe Diercxsens (from Danone Waters), Imola Bedo (from the European Commission  DG Environment) and Anita Lundström (from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency).

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