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20190315_MFA of Kenya.jpg
Over 200 participants, among others members from MFA of Kenya and PM of Ethiopia, promote cultural diplomacy by joining together to fight infant and maternal mortality
March 15th, 2019
20190312_DPRK Ambassador.jpg
Chae Hui Chol, Ambassador to Senegal, met Mame Baba Cisse, to discuss improving relations and creating peace with South Korea and the US
March 12th, 2019
20190312_South Africa Observes Commonwealth Day.jpg
March 11th 2019 was Commonwealth Day, where member countries, as a symbol of their solidarity, observed a celebration of their ever-growing diplomatic relations
March 12th, 2019
20190320_Armenia Sees Japan.jpg
There is a new movement in Yerevan to deepen and develop cultural diplomatic relations with Tokyo
March 20th, 2019
20190319_Abu Dhabi and Afghanistan.jpg
Ministers signed six agreements on education, mining, energy, and sport cooperation
March 19th, 2019
20190318_Taiwan Wows to Support Freedom.jpg
The worsening economic relations between the countries is a factor that could make the diplomatic relations suffer
March 18th, 2019
20190320_The U.S. Secretary of State leaves.jpg
Mike Pompeo’s first stop is Kuwait, where he is hoping to sign deals and strengthen relations
March 20th, 2019
20190320_Chile Interested in Comprehensive Cooperation.jpg
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile Roberto Ampuero expresses strong interest at a meeting with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov
March 20th, 2019
20190319_First BRICS Meeting of 2019.jpg
Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese and South African officials met in Curitiba to discuss their diplomatic missions for 2019
March 19th, 2019
20190321_Christchurch Attack.jpg
After the terror attack in Christchurch, NZ, the country needs a new path to ensure the existence and security for cultural diversity
March 21st, 2019
20190318_New Zealand Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
Promoting network and collaboration through a wide range of cultural experiences
March 18th, 2019
20190312_Australia Develops a New Sports Diplomacy.jpg
Sports diplomacy 2030 to replace the expired Australian Sports Diplomacy Strategy 2015-18
March 12th, 2019