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Ecology Days Berlin

May 13th, 2014
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News from Berlin – From May 12th onwards, people in Berlin can become ecological nomads for one week.

The EcologyDays Berlin is an event with a nomadic format established by various thinktank institutions in Berlin and coordinated by Jörg Niewöhner at Humboldt University’s IRI THESys and Institute of European Ethnology.
According to the project’s description, the traditional meaning of ecology has been greatly expanded in the recent years thanks to social sciences. Terms like urban ecology and political ecology are now used frequently. Even if ecological initiatives are widespread in Berlin, they do not interact properly with each others.

The main questions are: what can different modes of ecological thinking learn from each other? What unites these multiple uses of the term despite the term itself? What does the notion do for different ways of thinking and modes of research? Do natural and social scientific ecologies learn from each other?

The Ecology Days Berlin’s aim is to establish a nomadic trail of interested and like‐minded people across the city who are able to connect different ideas, institutions, places and people. Participants can travel along the EcologyDays Trail and connect to various kinds of ecological thinking across the city with colloquia, talks and lectures.

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