Cultural Diplomacy from Outer Space

Berlin premieres hand pan festival at Musikbrauerei

May 18th, 2017
Evagelinou Eva, Berlin Global

An extra-terrestrial music festival hosted by George Townsend took place in Berlin. People from all over the world had the opportunity to participate in a unique music festival and experience the delicate melody of the hand pan, which is also known as the space drum.

It is not the first time that music brought people together from all parts of the world and creates a lyrical atmosphere that rises above any language barrier and differences. Music performers, most of them street artists from all over the world, gathered together and introduced themselves to the audience through fragile handpan melodies. No words could express this magical moment of emotions merged with gratitude and satisfaction. In addition to the music performances the participants also had the chance to talk to the artists, exchange ideas and experiences, but most importantly, it was a great opportunity to make new friends and get up to date with the next music gathering.

A special thanks to George Townsend, not only for organizing this amazing festival and his continuous efforts, making sure that everybody was enjoying themselves but also for his performances as a hand pan player. His ideas inspired people by introducing them to the world of the space drum and brought people together for this unique musical moment.

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