News from Berlin

Bundesrat Open Day: Exploring the Prussian House of Lords

May 15th, 2014

News from Berlin – This Saturday, May 17th the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Stephan Weil invites the public to see the Bundesrat backstage. Besides exploring the former Prussian manor house, visitors can also attend discussions between politicians and debate clubs from Berlin and Hannover and learn how the Bundesrat operates and institutes law.

The event officially starts at 11am in the Plenarsaal with a welcoming speech by Stephan Weil, followed by a concert of ‘Big Band Berenbostel’ and the choir ‘Clazz’ from Hannover. Following this, several politicians will talk about diverse topics such as the financial equalization among the federal states or public radio and the roles of different countries. All the speeches will be presented by Matthias Killing from the German TV channel SAT1.

Starting at 12am, three debates will be held every two hours in the ‘Saal des Vermittlungsausschusses’ led by different state secretaries. Covered topics will be the EU-USA free trade agreement, federalism and energy policy. Additionally, visitors can attend a concert by jazz trio ‘JazzApart’ as well as exhibitions about the tasks and work of the Bundesrat until 6pm when the event will conclude. Children will be entertained by a clown, a magician and with a robot competition.