Berlin meets Italian art: a discussion about new prospects of art at the Italian Embassy

Three eminent Italian artists have been hosted by the Italian Embassy in Berlin to discuss about new perspectives of art in Berlin.

April 26th, 2017
Nicolò Demelas, Berlin Global
“L’Ambasciata incontra…” is a cycle of meetings organized by the Italian Embassy in Berlin, with the purpose of fostering exchange and dialogue between young professionals and newcomers in the city.

On February 23rd 2017, the Italian Embassy in Berlin along with Peninsula and the Institute of Culture of Berlin, hosted the third meeting of the cycle of meetings “L’ambasciata incontra…”.
At the event “L’ambasciata incontra… l’arte contemporanea”, three artists highly active in the Berliner contemporary art scene – the art historian Elena Agudio, the gallerist Mario Mazzoli and the artist Luca Trevisani – held a debate on “Berlin: Wunderkammer for the Italian art”. Loris Cecchini, artist and founder of Peninsula, moderated the interview-like debate between the three artists. The public also had the opportunity to get to know the background, works and the different yet complementary attitudes to art of the three artists.

It is worth highlighting that the three guests’ brilliant artistic career was what made this such an interesting and valuable cultural exchange. Elena Agudio is an art historian and writer. She is currently the artistic director of the Association of Neuroesthetics – Platform for Neuroscience and Art, a project carried out between the Charité Medicine University, the Berlin School of Mind and Brain of the Humboldt University and the Institut für Raumexperimente. She is also the co-director of SAVVY Contemporary, a forum of contemporary art aiming to foster dialogue between western and non-western countries.

Mario Mazzoli, a musician and composer, works as film producer. In 2009 he founded the Galerie Mario Mazzoli, a gallery based in Berlin dedicated to contemporary art and specialized in Sound Art.

Luca Trevisani is an international award winning visual artist. He has held many exhibitions in different international prestigious museums and contemporary art centers. His art and research are mainly based on sculpture and video, but he also refers to design, performing arts, cinema and architecture.