Berlin Conference Meeting Falls Short On Saving Libya

The situation in Libya was very close to being solved

February 04th, 2020
Imela Benie Boda, News from Berlin
20200204_Berlin Conference Meeting.jpg

The Berlin Conference was the biggest player in saving the Libya political conflict. Seven countries, including Egypt, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and The United States came together in the month of January under the lead of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to end the war misery in Libya; However, the attempt to manage Libya’s crisis did not turn out successfully.

The civil war in Libya has been going on for nine years. So far Germany was the only European country with enough political influence to come up with a good solution that would save every player. The participating countries of the Berlin Conference agreed to end foreign interference in Libya’s internal affairs. “We commit to refraining from interference in the armed conflict or in the internal affairs of Libya and urge all international actors to do the same,” said the communiqué. (Journal Pioneer) 

The several tragic events on the Libyan soul has proven that Germany’s attempt to solve the crises was not successful. For example, the UN and the international community were losing face when general Khalifa Haftar launched his final assault on Tripoli. This had put the Tripoli’s population under threat of massacre and fear. Even though Chancellor Merkel’s attempt to solve the conflict was in the right direction it once again turned out differently.  

Nonetheless, the Berlin Conference has been the most serious attempt in years to face international problems in Libya. But without the help and support of a military presence and an international force, Germany and Europe will stay powerless to save Libya. 


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